Wearable systems and software for team safety

Ravn builds wearable systems for personnel operating in high-stress environments where realtime information exchange is vital to individual safety. Our wearable systems and software provide life-saving information and awareness on a platform that is easily accessible for users operating in high-stress environments.

Who We Are

Ravn is a team of veterans, technologists and industry leaders who are passionate about building solutions that will preserve the safety and security of people all over the world.

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What We Do

During today’s real-world operations, ever increasing amounts of digital information are becoming the foundation for faster and more effective decision making. Unfortunately, because our service members lack a platform built to accommodate the unique realities they face, they are often left with little to no access to this critical data. Ravn’s visual augmentation and compute platform is built to give service members the fully integrated connectivity they need to access this vital information. By developing a tool that allows them to send and receive digital information, Ravn is ensuring our service members now have the tools they need to leverage paradigm shifting tactical and operational concepts like Human-Machine Teaming and Human-Machine Collaboration.  In a time when modern technology is disrupting long-held national security paradigms, Ravn is seeking to ensure our service members are always equipped with the world’s most advanced technology. The security of people all over the globe depend on it.





Why Ravn?

In Norse mythology, Odin, the god of wisdom and battle, had two ravens that he would send out every morning. These ravens would fly all over the world and, upon returning, would reveal everything they had seen and heard. Ravn's platform serves a similar function for today’s men and women in uniform.